Healing Power of Story

When we experience suffering—as individuals, and as a community—stories can offer a light by which to see. In these times, telling our stories can help offer a path toward healing.

In this workshop, we will write together to shape our experience of pain and healing, while sharing and offering responses for one another. We will read from and explore the uses of journals, essays, and poetry in the telling and receiving of our stories.

The Practice of Writing

Trying our hands at a variety of experimental forms, in this course we will bring our attention to events best told as stories, questions best explored as brief essays, discoveries and mysteries best told as poems, and other explorations of connection between what we have experienced and what we might say.

This course is for writers interested in pushing their practice in multiple directions, and for teachers who want to engage the widest variety of student writers.

Poetry Writing

Sometimes, a conversation overheard, a scrap of story, a dream, a student’s question or teacher’s twinge of memory longs to be a poem, half a poem, a resonant line jotted quickly.

In this Oregon Writing Project course, we will savor the habit of turning small discoveries into poems—the half-page where we try to get it right in a few words. This practice smuggles creative experience into a busy life: the joy of writing in ten quiet minutes stolen from frenzy.

Empowering Leadership Through Writing: A Courage to Lead Retreat

Empowering Leadership Through Writing is a retreat that offers participants the time in community to reflect on the complex, challenging, and changing dimensions of leadership. Our retreat is rooted in the recognition that effective leadership flows from the identity and integrity of the individual. We will use exploratory writing to advance your learning. Your writing will inform and deepen your leadership during challenging times.

Teaching Middle School Writing

Teaching the Middle School Writer is an inquiry course designed for upper elementary and middle school teachers. During this five-week course, participants will examine and evaluate current approaches to writing instruction, and reflect on their own process as writers by participating in writing workshops.

Teachers will explore effective practices for teaching middle school writers through inquiry, writing-workshop methodology, explicit mini-lessons, and conferencing.

Bearing Witness: Writing and Social Justice

What is the citizen’s, writer’s, teacher’s, or counselor’s role in bearing witness? How do we observe and record events from the everyday to the unspeakable? When does witness require action?

Educators can face particular challenges in today’s divided political world. How do we create classrooms where diverse views can flourish? In the era of “fake news”, how do we encourage dialogue while honoring fact-based reportage? Fiction, nonfiction, and poetry all provide paths for stepping into other lives and scaling what sociologist Arlie Russell Hochschild calls “the empathy wall.”

Writing Culture: Exploring the Lost Art of the Letter

What shapes our identities as members of a family, workplace, religious group, or nation? How do we learn the rules for how to act in unfamiliar cultures, and how do we write about that experience?

As Catherine Field once wrote, “A good handwritten letter is a creative act. It is a deliberate act of exposure, a form of vulnerability, because handwriting opens a window on the soul in a way that cyber communication can never do.”

Memoir Writing

Writing chapters from one’s life story can produce gifts for family, and an important record of community life. In this course, we will read short passages from a variety of voices reflecting on lessons learned from life encounters. We will use these passages as prompts for our own writing, leading to a gathering of short life chapters for further reflection and revision over time. No experience necessary, but a willing heart.

Writing Scoring Guide Training

ODE is seeking applicants to participate in a writing scoring guide training at Lane ESD on March 21 and 22, 2016. The training is intended for individuals who would like to gain experience scoring Essential Skills writing work samples at the high school level. Applicants should be educators familiar with the Official Oregon Writing Scoring Guide who would like to hone their skills and refresh their calibration.


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