Writing Your Memoir [Online]

According to George Meredith, English novelist and poet, “Memoirs are the backstairs of history.”

In this day-long writing-intense workshop, participants will read excerpts from a variety of memoirs as writing prompts to revisit those “backstairs” of their personal histories. Oregon Writing Project instructor and author of two memoirs, Carolyn Wood, will provide students with ideas, writing prompts and resources on how to launch their life stories into text. The day will include both time to write and time to share.

Finding Focus: Writing to Reclaim Our Attention During Pandemic Time [Online]

Saturdays, November 6 and December 4, 2021 | 8.5 PDUs

“To take back your focus,” writes Sarah Sentilles, “to make art—is a radical act. To take all of that scattered energy and send it in a single direction is no small thing. It is revolutionary to take back your mind, your energy, your focus, your inner emotional landscape, to put whatever it is that you call sacred at the center of your life.”

Renewal Day for Educators with Matt De La Peña

We schedule the Oregon Writing Project Renewal Day in February when the days are short and sometimes grey and wind-whipped. Our day-long winter writing holiday reminds us of our “true north” mantra—writing teachers write.

The Oregon Writing Project invites you to our annual full-day writing workshop featuring author, Matt De La Peña. Come reconnect in a celebration of what brought us to this work in the beginning—a love of words.

Poetry Writing: Poems for a Better Nation

We’re all in a hurry, but sometimes an idea, a scrap of story, a friend’s question, or some other morsel of language from the world longs to become a song, a poem, half a poem—longs to catch something mysterious about this life. A footnote to the inexpressible.

In this Oregon Writing Project course, we will celebrate the winsome habit of poetry to turn small discoveries into the half-page where we say much in a few words.

Daily Writing in the Spirit of William Stafford: Parade of Your Obsessions

As William Stafford once said, “A writer is someone who writes,” and he wrote every day for fifty years. Since his passing in 1993, his way of writing remains as revolutionary and productive as ever.

Let’s do the same to harvest our observations, ideas, hunches, and insights so we may watch them grow on the page. We’ll gather viable seed to grow stories, poems, blessings, and other forms.

Reading Council Summer Institute for K-8 Educators

Building Equity, Excellence, and Engagement with Culturally Responsive Texts: Super Powers to Build Super Readers

How do we affirm children’s strengths and help them become strong, confident and curious readers, writers and thinkers?

Author Pam Allyn will share practical strategies to create culturally responsive literacy classrooms that nurture readers. Participants will learn ready-to-implement practices to integrate reading and writing instruction to improve outcomes for all students.

6+1 Trait Writing Institute: Improving Student Writing for All Learners

We know how much teachers care about helping all their students reach their potential as writers. Our newly revamped introduction to 6+1 Trait Writing addresses one of the greatest challenges teachers face today: how to scaffold rigorous instruction so that all students in your classroom—including English language learners, students with special needs, and gifted and talented students—become stronger, more confident writers.

Four-Week Invitational Summer Institute

Oregon Writing Project’s Invitational Summer Institute provides a supportive, dialogic environment for K-12 educators from across the curriculum to develop their leadership potential for a variety of roles, including local school/district reform efforts that support the education and success of all of Oregon’s diverse student population.

Participants will examine the theory and practice of writing through individual demonstrations, readings and discussion of current research, writing, and sharing in response groups.


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