Bootstrap- Algebra/Coding

Check out Bootstrap: Algebra, a program that applies mathematical concepts and rigorous programming principles to creating a simple videogame, and is aligned to National and State Standards for Mathematics, as well as the CSTA standards and K12CS frameworks. The module can be taught as a separate, standalone tech or CS class, or can be integrated into a mainstream math class, delivered by a math teacher with no prior CS experience.

Informal Learning Essentials Webinar

Join Oregon State University instructors Dr. Lynn Dierking and Erin Hicks as they share valuable learning insights around Informal Learning, with a focus on teaching outside of the classroom.

Informal Learning Webinar Details

  • Date: Tuesday, December 11
  • Time: 12 to 1 p.m. PST

Register for free and learn the latest experiential learning trends in locations like museums, zoos, aquariums, science centers and nature centers.

Key Takeaways

In this exclusive webinar on informal/free-choice learning, you will:

OSTA Fall Conference on Science Education

Along with our partners at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, OSTA is pleased to bring you the 57th Annual Fall conference on Science Education. From navigating phenomena-based storylines, integrating math, literacy and technology with science and engineering, and place-based education, sessions, workshops and field trips will bring you best practices for bringing the Next Generation Science Standards into your classroom. Join us at Newport Middle school!

Registration is now open!

Oregon Computer Science Teachers Association Spring Conference

The Oregon Computer Science Teacher Association Spring Conference

Sponsored by IBM

The OCSTA spring conference is a chance to learn about what is going on in the state and nationwide in CS education and to attend hands on workshops focused on different curriculum and technologies. The schedule features sessions targeted at teachers of grade levels K-12 as well as for counselors and administrators.


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