Staff Cultural Compentency

Gender Diversity in Children & Youth: Inclusive & Affirming Care in Schools

This workshop for educators, school counselors, volunteers and other school personnel will focus on how we can work toward creating inclusive and affirming classroom and school environments for gender nonconforming, gender diverse and transgender students in K-12 schools. Workshop content will be informed by presenter Jenn Burleton’s more than 10 years of gender diversity-specific interaction with students and schools.

Cultural Values, Intelligence, Bias, and Self-Awareness

How do we understand culture? How do we approach cultural differences? What are some key components for cultural effectiveness, and how do our cultural values intersect with biases we may experience?

This workshop will explore these questions and more, while providing a culture-general framework for effective cultural analysis that may be used in various situations and professional settings.

Talking About Race and Racism: A Developmental and Integrative Approach

Many of us want to feel more confident talking about race and racism, but instead avoid the topic. The fear of saying something incorrect or being uncomfortable can override our good intentions when it comes to these issues. It is common to feel stuck or tense when discussing issues around race, but not fully understand why.

Differing somewhat from traditional diversity workshops, this training emphasizes a developmental and integrative approach (e.g., intercultural and social justice) to learning about these important topics in order to increase comfort and understanding.

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