Sociocultural Attunement

Uprising: Protecting Transgender Lives

Saturdays, March 12 & 19, 2022, 9 a.m.-12 p.m.  |  6 CEUs or PDUs

This two-part workshop with Jenn Burleton of TransActive Gender Project and guest attorneys will focus on the current state of legal protections for transgender people at the federal and state level (for Oregon and Washington). It will also address the growing number of proposed anti-trans youth legislation in so-called “Red” states, and steps to prevent the spread of such legislation.

Cultural Values, Intelligence, Bias, and Self-Awareness

How do we understand culture? How do we approach cultural differences? What are some key components for cultural effectiveness, and how do our cultural values intersect with biases we may experience?

This workshop will explore these questions and more, while providing a culture-general framework for effective cultural analysis that may be used in various situations and professional settings.

Working with Immigrant and Mixed-Status People in the US: Practicing Sociocultural Attunement in Challenging Contexts

How have historical events and current policies affected immigrants in the US? What are some of the complexities of living in the United States as an immigrant and having underdocumented and mixed legal status?

What are the sociocultural, structural, systemic, and personal factors that serve as barriers that may hinder your ability to be culturally responsive in your professional practice? What are assets that might help to facilitate it? How can you be an ally, advocate and agent of change for immigrant and mix-status individuals and families?

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