Social Justice

Challenging the Nationalist Discourse in America: The Urgent Need for Social Change Agents in Community and Educational Settings

In this workshop with 2018 graduate school commencement speaker, Manivong J. Ratts, participants will be introduced to an emerging social justice model that will help students and working professionals address issues of equity in community, mental health and educational settings.

Bearing Witness: Writing and Social Justice

What is the citizen’s, writer’s, teacher’s, or counselor’s role in bearing witness? How do we observe and record events from the everyday to the unspeakable? When does witness require action?

Educators can face particular challenges in today’s divided political world. How do we create classrooms where diverse views can flourish? In the era of “fake news”, how do we encourage dialogue while honoring fact-based reportage? Fiction, nonfiction, and poetry all provide paths for stepping into other lives and scaling what sociologist Arlie Russell Hochschild calls “the empathy wall.”

Restoring Justice: Cultivating the Professional Community

Schools are a battle ground for democracy, and school leaders may find themselves at the forefront of the struggle for civil rights, equity and inclusion. Schools are environments where children and adults work to actualize equal rights, inclusion, equity and non-violence, and leading a just community within unjust social and political contexts is a complicated task.

Seeing the Water: Whiteness in Daily Life | Free workshop

What does it mean to be white in a society that proclaims race meaningless, yet is deeply divided by race?

In this workshop, 2017 graduate school commencement speaker, Robin DiAngelo, will describe the ways race shapes the lives of White people, explain what makes racism so hard for White people to see, and identify common White racial patterns that prevent us from moving towards greater racial equity.

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