Social Emotional Learning

Webinar: Why a Districtwide Approach to SEL is our Best Hope for Managing COVID-19 Mandates for Home-based Learning: A Case Study of RULER

Understanding emotions is an even more critical aspect of teaching and learning when schools are shuttered, sometimes statewide, due to crises like COVID-19. How do we manage anxiety and build relationships while we are forced to socially distance ourselves from our neighbors, friends, teachers, students, and even our families? How do we ensure that social and emotional learning is carried on as students and teachers meet over Zoom, or don’t get to see nor hear from each other at all?

Webinar: 3 Big Ideas for Implementing Effective Social and Emotional Learning Strategies

Empowering teachers to design their own SEL instruction makes sense; they know their students best. However, many SEL programs adopted by schools consist of scripted and sequenced curricula designed to be used in a weekly 30-minute block often led by a school counselor or designated SEL facilitator. These programs tend to be expensive, require significant training and ongoing support, and limit individual autonomy or choice as adaptations or deviations from the script are seen as threats to program fidelity.

Social Emotional Learning: Tools for the Classroom & Library

Game-based learning, AR/VR/ Mixed Reality, and SEL–the hottest topics in education will be front and center in this edition of our popular webcast series, a coproduction of School Library Journal and ISTE. Led by top practitioners in the field, these free one-hour programs will offer practical insight into the latest technology, with implications for schools and libraries.

Session 3: Social Emotional Learning: Tools for the Classroom & Library

Breaking Bad: Tackling Behavior Problems at the Core

We often see behaviors at school that are detrimental to both the students exhibiting the behavior and those around them. Many times, inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity and even aggression may be more than a student demonstrating that he or she is bored, acting out or seeking attention. These behavioral issues interfere with student learning because they are disruptive or consume a lot of class time, but have we truly considered what foundational issues are behind those actions?

Building Community and Responding to Discrimination: An Introduction to Social Emotional Learning and Anti-Discrimination Response Training

This workshop will provide participants with an understanding of both Anti-Discrimination Response Training (ART) and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).

Anti-Discrimination Response Training (ART) is a witness-centered, group-based social skills approach, helping trainees to develop the verbal and behavioral skills necessary to respond to different instances of discrimination.


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