Tools to Next Gen-ify Your Curriculum

During this webinar you will learn about tools that you can use to shift your instruction. We will begin with anchoring phenomena and using and organizing student questions to drive instruction. Tools for student discourse, using whiteboards for developing models and explanations, and monitoring student understanding over time will be shared. Student work samples will also be shared, so you can see what the tools look like when they are being used. These tools can be used with lessons you are already using.

Space Science Essentials for Teachers Across Content Areas: Engaging and Inspiring Diverse Classrooms

Space Science includes the classical field of astronomy, but also astrophysics, cosmology, rocketry, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, and more. It is a field that captures the attention and enthusiasm of students of all ages.

Science educators face the wonderful, yet daunting task of teaching such a dynamic and constantly changing field. And they need to challenge, dazzle, and inspire a generation that has ‘seen it all’ on a little screen.

OSTA Fall Conference on Science Education

Along with our partners at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, OSTA is pleased to bring you the 57th Annual Fall conference on Science Education. From navigating phenomena-based storylines, integrating math, literacy and technology with science and engineering, and place-based education, sessions, workshops and field trips will bring you best practices for bringing the Next Generation Science Standards into your classroom. Join us at Newport Middle school!

Registration is now open!


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