Research use

What is an RPP and How Do I Get One?

Dan Gallagher, Curriculum Director at Shoreline School District (WA) and co-author of Creating Research-Practice Partnerships in Education, will describe how to get started engaging with researchers. Research Practice Partnerships are a growing strategy for generating local information and research. What do these partnerships look like and how do they get started?

Finding and Accessing Useful Research

Finding high quality, useful research and research-based programs can be challenging. There are several educator-friendly resources to help you and your colleagues navigate the research out there. Representatives from three resources will show how to use their resource to find research to address your needs. During this session, explore What Works Clearinghouse, Digital Promise’s research tools, and the Pennsylvania Evidence Resource Center. All of these free to use.

Evaluating Research: A Cost-Utility Framework

How do you know what program or strategy is going to work best for your school or district? Deciding among alternatives can be challenging, and there are many factors to consider - including the supporting evidence. Dr. Fiona Hollands, Senior Researcher in the Department of Education Policy and Social Analysis at Teachers College, Columbia University and one of the creators of DecisionMaker, explains how to use this and how it has helped other school and district leaders – learn how DecisionMaker can help you.

What is Research & Why Should I Be Using It?

We’ll learn more about what it means to use research, explore common barriers to using research, and engage in a self-assessment of research use in your own schools. This FREE session is offered by the Center for Research Use in Education at the University of Delaware, a research center funded by the Institute of Education Sciences. For more information about this session and others, visit our website. Register through the website.

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