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45th Annual COSA Seaside Conference

“Empowering Leaders”

Keynote Speakers:
Baruti Kafele, Internationally-Renowned Education Speaker & Author
Beth Houf, Principal, Fulton Middle School, Missouri National Distinguished Principal of the Year representing MAESP (Missouri Association of Elementary and Secondary Principals)
Jonah Stillman, Author, Gen Z

Featured Speakers:
Nancy Hungerford, Attorney, The Hungerford Law Firm
Joel Hungerford, Attorney, The Hungerford Law Firm

Tools to Next Gen-ify Your Curriculum

During this webinar you will learn about tools that you can use to shift your instruction. We will begin with anchoring phenomena and using and organizing student questions to drive instruction. Tools for student discourse, using whiteboards for developing models and explanations, and monitoring student understanding over time will be shared. Student work samples will also be shared, so you can see what the tools look like when they are being used. These tools can be used with lessons you are already using.

Medal of Honor Legacy: Vietnam

This week-long professional development program is being offered in Pueblo, Colorado, at the Center for American Values and is being offered FREE to Oregon teachers. Topics include: the collapse of French colonialism and the beginning of the Vietnam War; counterinsurgency in Vietnam; the air war in Laos and Cambodia; and U.S. Presidents and their roles in the Vietnam War.

Medal of Honor Legacy: World War II

This week-long professional development program is being offered FREE to Oregon teachers. Topics include: General Eisenhower and the D-Day Landings; the Battle of the Bulge; the Holocaust; the Island Hopping Campaign in the Pacific Theater; Japanese internment; and Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the atomic bomb. There also will be a visit to the Pennsylvania Historical Society to examine letters from World War II veterans.

Abraham Lincoln's Constitution

This week-long professional development program is being offered FREE to Oregon teachers. Topics include: changes in American society brought about through constitutional conflicts from 1800-1865; Civil War challenges facing the United States, including secession, habeus corpus, treason, the 14th and 15th Amendments, and reconstruction; and understanding how modern-day constitutional conflicts are rooted in the same issues Lincoln faced as president.

Medal of Honor Legacy: War on Terror

This week-long professional development opportunity is being offered tuition-free to Oregon teachers. Topics include: events surrounding the War on Terror and the rise of radical Islam; a visit to the 9/11 Museum and Memorial in New York City; challenges of maintaining a democratic republic; radicalization of young people in Iraq and understanding Iraqi culture; and the role of the American military in supporting democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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