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Finding Focus: Writing to Reclaim Our Attention During Pandemic Time [Online]

Saturdays, November 6 and December 4, 2021 | 8.5 PDUs

“To take back your focus,” writes Sarah Sentilles, “to make art—is a radical act. To take all of that scattered energy and send it in a single direction is no small thing. It is revolutionary to take back your mind, your energy, your focus, your inner emotional landscape, to put whatever it is that you call sacred at the center of your life.”

Bearing Witness: Writing and Social Justice

What is the citizen’s, writer’s, teacher’s, or counselor’s role in bearing witness? How do we observe and record events from the everyday to the unspeakable? When does witness require action?

Educators can face particular challenges in today’s divided political world. How do we create classrooms where diverse views can flourish? In the era of “fake news”, how do we encourage dialogue while honoring fact-based reportage? Fiction, nonfiction, and poetry all provide paths for stepping into other lives and scaling what sociologist Arlie Russell Hochschild calls “the empathy wall.”

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