Education Equity

Webinar: How We Move from Equality to Equity and Justice in Mathematics Teaching

How do we move towards equity for all of our children? We will discuss how our schools can redistribute power in and out of the classroom. We include issues of community, reparations, and the work we must do to assure our students have supportive environments. We pay special attention to issues of culture and diversity from multiple lenses.

Breaking Down the Opportunity Myth

Examining Barriers to Closing the Opportunity, Achievement, and Excellence gap.

Description: Participants will break down the ‘Opportunity Myth’ by examining the role and impact of the belief gap in classrooms. Research, data, and resources from TNTP (The New Teacher Project) will be presented and discussed.


Presenter- Angela Allen (Education Specialist- ODE)

Webinar: Cultural and Linguistic Diversity: Resources for Teaching and Learning

This presentation by Marta Civil centers the idea of diversity as a resource for mathematics teaching and learning. The focus is on how to build on the diversity present in our classrooms (in particular, language and cultural diversity) to enhance the mathematics learning opportunities for all of us (teachers, students, and parents). I will discuss the concept of valorization of knowledge and how that may affect how we interact with diversity in the classroom.

Webinar: Building Pathways to Equity Through STEM Programs

Attend this web seminar to learn some of the keys to building successful and equitable STEM programs that leverage robotics and coding. Two leaders from Boston Public Schools will discuss the district’s “Excellence for All” (EFA) initiative, which aims to empower Boston’s socioeconomically diverse student population by providing access to rigorous curriculum and enrichment opportunities, including cutting-edge STEM learning.

Restoring Justice: Cultivating the Professional Community

Schools are a battle ground for democracy, and school leaders may find themselves at the forefront of the struggle for civil rights, equity and inclusion. Schools are environments where children and adults work to actualize equal rights, inclusion, equity and non-violence, and leading a just community within unjust social and political contexts is a complicated task.


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