Early Childhood

Webinar: A Play-Based Approach to Emergent Curriculum and School Readiness

Join this edWebinar to learn how preschool teachers can use a child’s natural instincts for play to enhance all areas of the child’s development. This edWebinar will also highlight the different curriculum areas of the preschool classroom and how to incorporate emergent curriculum practices into those skills. This edWebinar will be of interest to preK teachers and school leaders. There will be time to have your questions answered at the end of the presentation.

Early Childhood PBIS Webinar Series for Administrators and Coaches

Training and Networking Webinars for EC Leadership and Coaches. Learn how your leadership and coaching skills can support your staff in implementing PBIS as intended in the Early Childhood setting. The webinars will provide the chance to learn, network and get real time technical assistance for your leadership and coaching position in Early Childhood settings. The series will also include Teacher Wellness research, strategies, and resources, so you can contribute to a positive, nurturing work environment for your staff.

2019 Northwest PBIS Conference

The 2019 Northwest PBIS Conference, PBIS for Today’s Students, is February 27th- March 1, 2019 in Portland, OR at the Oregon Convention Center. This year’s conference includes pre-conference workshops on Integration of Mental Health in SWPBIS, Restorative Practices, School Safety, Early Childhood, SPED Law, Teacher Self-Care and Brief Intervention Strategy for School Clinicians.

Early Childhood PBIS, Foundations of Social Emotional Teaching Strategies

Description: Early Childhood PBIS (ECPBIS 102) is designed for early childhood leaders, teachers and staff to focus on the importance of teaching social skills and covers teaching friendship skills, emotional literacy, problem solving, and anger and impulse control.


Focus on the importance of teaching social skills.
Develop activities to support emotional literacy, friendships, problem solving, and anger control.
Learn how to access tools to support their teaching of social skills.

Early Childhood PBIS Training, Building Relationships &Creating Supportive Environments

Description: Early Childhood PBIS (EC 101) is designed for early childhood leaders, teachers and staff to build positive relationships with children, families, and coworkers, design supportive environments, and create effective schedules, routines, and expectations. It is designed for both new staff and returning staff looking to boost their use of PBIS.

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