Understanding and Recognizing Dyslexia and Intro to Structured Literacy

This training, hosted by the International Dyslexia Association - Oregon Branch, includes a simulation, a presentation on understanding dyslexia, a movie based on the teachings of Diana King, and a presentation on structured literacy. In addition, their award-winning student panel will share their knowledge and experiences. The training will be held at George Fox University Portland Center South Campus. The cost is $85 per teacher with group discount available.

A Night with Emily Hanford

Decoding Dyslexia Oregon is hosting a night with Emily Hanford in Portland on November 6, 2019. Emily Hanford is a senior education correspondent for APM Reports, the documentary and investigative reporting team at American Public Media. Emily is an award winning reporter, producer, editor, news director, and program host. You may recognized her name from her recent reporting on reading, including the audio documentary and article titled Hard Words: Why Aren’t Kids Being Taught to Read? The event will be held from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

Dyslexia: Strategies & Experiences for Your Toolbox

The University of Portland School of Education and Decoding Dyslexia Oregon are hosting a daylong workshop titled “Dyslexia: Strategies & Experiences for your Toolbox.” The workshop will be held from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the University of Portland campus. A team of presenters will provide practical content that educators and administrators can take back to their classrooms and schools to better support their students with dyslexia and families.

Comprehensive Literacy Instruction: The Science of Teaching Reading

Margie B. Gillis, Ed.D is a Certified Academic Language Therapist who became interested in reading while at the University of Connecticut where she studied with Isabelle Liberman. In 2009, Margie founded Literacy How, Inc. to provide professional development opportunities for teachers on how best to implement research-based reading practices in the classroom. As president of Literacy How and as a Research Affiliate at Haskins Laboratories, Margie creates new opportunities to empower teaching excellence. In 2010, Margie founded the Anne E.

Teacher Workshop: Dyslexia: Connecting the Science of Reading to the Practice of Reading

Sponsored in part by OHSU’s Office of Science Education Opportunities, the Moore Institute for Nutrition and Wellness, and the OHSU Brain Institute, the annual Teacher Workshop is a unique opportunity designed to give educators an insight into what role neuroscience plays in the classroom. This year we are honored to partner with the International Dyslexia Association - Oregon Branch to bring Joanna Christodoulou, EdD, to Portland. Dr.

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