Culturally Responsive Teaching

The Genius of Our Ancestors: Engineering of the Past, Present and Future

Since time immemorial, engineering has been a feat perfected by by the plant and animal relatives throughout our traditional homelands. They served as our teachers in developing tools, structures, and protocols allowing us to thrive then, now, and, with our responsibilities fulfilled, into the future. This webinar will provide insight into the genius of our ancestors with classroom activities discussed and appropriate approaches to incorporating them.

Trauma-Informed Hate Response: How to Offer Help to Those Who Have Been a Target of Hate

The occurrence of hate crimes and hate-related incidents are on the rise, and those with marginalized identities are most often the targets. Hate incidents can include experiences of micro-aggressions, bullying, threats of violence, aggression, discrimination, and acts of violence.

This training is designed for those who work in non-profit organizations, community agencies, or neighborhood organizations—as well as concerned citizens in the community.

In this training, we will address how to assess and respond to someone who has recently been the target of hate.

TWP Hip Hop Summit

The TWP Hip Hop Education summit brings together communities of artists, educators, students, elected officials and agencies in a symposium to address the wealth and achievement gap through the medium of Hip Hop.

Buy Back The Block PDX is an education initiative that uses Hip Hop as the movement to introduce wealth creation opportunities and economic development to black communities.

Leveraging Culturally Responsive Teaching: Helping Students Become the Leaders of Their Own Learning

Free Event! With author, Zaretta Hammond, Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain.

Limited space, registrations will be closed when we’ve reached capacity. Check in with your building administrator before registering, and when ready please register using the link provided in this announcement.

Waitlisted: The event registration has reached capacity. If you would like to be put on the wait list, please use the registration link above.

Talking About Race and Racism: A Developmental and Integrative Approach

Many of us want to feel more confident talking about race and racism, but instead avoid the topic. The fear of saying something incorrect or being uncomfortable can override our good intentions when it comes to these issues. It is common to feel stuck or tense when discussing issues around race, but not fully understand why.

Differing somewhat from traditional diversity workshops, this training emphasizes a developmental and integrative approach (e.g., intercultural and social justice) to learning about these important topics in order to increase comfort and understanding.

A key goal of both the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) is to deliver an education that prepares all students for life after high school. This goal is inseparable from the concept of equity and the effort to close the achievement and opportunity gaps.

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