blended learning

Icons representing digital badges.

You can’t have a conversation about the future of public education these days without some mention of digital learning. And when you talk about digital learning, the discussion often turns to badging.

The concept is simple: individuals earn badges for demonstrating the acquisition of key knowledge and skills. Think Girl Scouts. When you marry the concept of badging with technology, you get digital badges that allow a person’s portfolio of badges to be stored in one place and provide a record of subject or skill mastery. 

Finding Funds for Digital Content

No matter the size of your school district, money must be factored into your digital plan. Traditionally, state funding has been for paper content, but this is changing. The challenge is how to determine the return on investment of digital content and figuring out how to ensure that your school is getting the best product and service. Join funding expert, Dr. Paula Love, as she uncovers funding streams and funding strategies for implementing and sustaining your new or continued investment in myON.


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