Type of strategy: Closings and Wrap UpProcessingWriting and/or Reflection

Use with 12 or more participants. This is a great wrap-up activity for a full-day workshop or may be used to break a multi-day workshop into segments. The strategy requires reflection and helps reinforce learning.


  1. Form small groups of 4-6 people.
  2. Provide each group with chart paper and markers.
  3. Instruct groups to write the alphabet in a two-column format. (A-L on the left column, M-Z in the right column).
  4. Instruct groups to identify a word, words, or phrases for each letter of the alphabet that reflects important learning from the workshop. (NOTE: You may determine whether participants may refer to notes and handouts or not.)
  5. Have groups share with the whole group.


Technology Alternative:

  1. Form small groups
  2. Inform groups to choose a collaborative online tool that is the equivalent of chart paper.
  3. Documenting letters of the alphabet in order, use the tool to identify a word, words, or phrased for each letter of the alphabet that reflects learning from the workshop.
  4. Have groups embed the tool on a website.

Submitted by: Linda Vanderford