Would You Rather???

Type of strategy: Energizers and State ChangersHumor and CelebrationOpeners & Get to Know You

Learning styles: EN: Extraversion and IntuitionES: Extraversion and Sensing

Use this verbal strategy to get people talking. It can be done with a small group or whole group and used in a variety of settings. It's meant to be funny and entertaining. Lighten the mood!


This idea can be used in several formats; small group or large group (to get people up and moving).

Small Group:

1. Place a different question at each table. Have one group member read the question outloud.

2. All members share their preference and reasoning.

3. Laugh and enjoy finding people with crazy thinking or similarities.

Large Group:

Use this strategy to get people up and moving around the room, along with getting to know each other.

  1. Facilitator asks a question to the whole group. (4 choice questions would be best)
  2. People move to the corresponding corner for a question/answer.
  3. Share their reasoning with the group or one other person.
  4. Listen for the next question and move on again.
  5. Repeat! 


Ex. Questions (These are meant to be silly and random. There is a book called Coke or Pepsi? that has tons of examples.)

  • Would you rather drink prune juice or eat frog legs?
  • Would you rather take a cold shower or not have electricity?
  • Would you rather shave your head or pierce your nose?

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Submitted by: Jennifer Powell