What's My Word?

Type of strategy: CollaborationEnergizers and State ChangersGamesMetaphors, Analogies, and SimilesMovementProcessing

Students give clues to each other to help determine the word (vocabulary, phrase, or even numbers) taped onto their back. Then, they have to find their partner. Creates interaction and forces a depth of knowledge about the word or topic.


Have matching words or number sentences written on index cards i.e. "tall" on one card, "taller" on another, "tallest" on the third card.  Or, 3+5 on one card, 8, or 1+7, 10-2, etc. on another.  Or, the word "giant" on one card, and "small" on the other (to show antonyms).   

  1. Have students line up with their backs to you. 
  2. Tape the cards, word side up, to their back. 
  3. Students have to first, figure out their word/phrase/number by asking inquisitive questions, and the person answering must give understanding clues. 
  4. Once the student figures out what is on their card, they must then find their partner (this may also be a clue in helping the other partner figure out their own card).
  5. Once partners have been found, sit down at the nearest desk. 
  6. When everyone is done, partners share out and explain why they are partners. 

Submitted by: Jill Tamminen