Whatcha Doin Improv

Type of strategy: Brainstorming and DiscussionHumor and CelebrationMovement

Use to help stimulate creativity and brain activity



In pairs, or small groups up to 5.

  1. Person one starts by pantomiming an action/activity (i.e. brushing teeth)
  2. Person two asks, "What are you doing?"
  3. Person one responds by saying an action/activity that is different than what he/she is doing, (i.e. “riding a bike”)
  4. The next person starts to pantomime riding a bike.

Repeat this until the time is up.

Eric Jensen in Arts with the Brain in Mind states that, “brain research has increasingly shown that the bodily-kinesthetic arts contribute to the development and enhancement of critical neurobiological systems including cognition, emotions, immune, circulatory, and perceptual-motor.”

Submitted by: Darren Hudgins