What are you doing? Improv Game

Type of strategy: Closings and Wrap UpEnergizers and State ChangersGamesHumor and CelebrationMovementOpeners & Get to Know YouProcessingRole-Play, Drama, Charades

Learning styles: EN: Extraversion and Intuition

Students act out an activity that someone else describes.


Everyone at one end of the room, form a long line. The first player of the line steps into the center room and starts miming an activity. As soon as the activity is clear, player 2 approaches player 1 and asks `What are you doing`.


The first player answers something that has nothing to do with what he's actually doing. E.g. if player 1 is cutting someone's hair, when asked what he's doing 

He might say "I`m reading the newspaper".

First player moves away, and the second player starts miming the activity stated by the previous player. A third player comes up to player 2, asks what he is doing, and so on.

Play until everyone has mimed something, and has answered the question.


  1. Can be played in smaller groups to eliminate many students standing around.
  2. Can be played in a circle rather than a line and continuously go around the circle.


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Submitted by: Kristi Knapp