"Transformation" Rock-Paper-Scissors

Type of strategy: Closings and Wrap UpEnergizers and State ChangersGamesHumor and CelebrationMetaphors, Analogies, and SimilesMovement

Intended Audience: StudentsTeachers

Learning styles: ES: Extraversion and Sensing

A movement activity that could be used as an energizer and/or object lesson.


  1. Participants start out as an egg, by squatting down and waddling like an egg.  "Eggs" find another egg and play one game of rock-paper-scissors.  The winners turn into chickens.
  2. Chickens move on to find other chickens, and eggs move on to play against other eggs.  The losers of each round go down one "transformation" level, and winners go up a "transformation" level.
  3. Each time a play wins a rock-paper-scissors round, they transform into the next stage.  The game can continue for as long as you choose.

"Transformations" and action are:

  • Egg: squatting down low and near ground
  • Chicken: putting thumbs under armpits and flapping elbows
  • Dinosaur/Raptor: arms out and walking like a raptor
  • Ultimate Being: arms up in the air like you just won a race



I put up the transformations with images on a slide.

Use this as an object lesson at the end by having participants reflect on a statement such as, ""Transformation" is like name the content you are teaching because __________."  

Submitted by: Jennifer Arns