Toilet Paper Icebreaker

Type of strategy: GamesMovementOpeners & Get to Know You

Learning styles: IS: Introversion and Sensing

Get acquainted icebreaker for adults/high school/junior high students


  • Have the students sit in a circle
  • Get a few rolls of toilet paper and pass them around telling the students to take as many pieces of toilet paper as they want
  • Once everybody has taken some toilet paper, have them count the number of squares they have.  They have to tell one thing about themselves for every square of toilet paper they have.  If they took 3 squares, they tell 3 things about themselves.  If they take 10 squares, they tell 10 things about themselves.

They won't know what they are doing with the paper, so some will take a lot of toilet paper.  You may have to cut some students short if they took half a roll of toilet paper!!!

Here is a link to a video that explains the game -


Business School - Toilet Paper IcebreakerSalt & Light Retreat Resource Manual

Submitted by: Julie Kieckbusch