Stoplight Feedback

Type of strategy: AssessmentClosings and Wrap UpWriting and/or Reflection

Intended Audience: StudentsTeachers

Quick formative assessment strategy


Watch this video for a quick formative assessment strategy from Sarah Brown Wessling. At the end of class, each student writes a comment on a stickie note and places it on the red, yellow, or green light as they exit the classroom.

Green: Today, I LEARNED ... because:

Yellow: Today, I CONSIDERED ... a question, an idea, or a new perspective:

Red: Today, my learning STOPPED because:

The notes help the teacher assess what went well during the course of the lesson and what she needs to do to prepare for the following day.

Can be adapted where participants use the corresponding colored sticky notes and on each note write one reflection or insight:

  1. Red: What should I stop?

  2. Yellow: What should I start?

  3. Green: What should I continue?


The Stoplight Method: An End-of-Class Assessment

Submitted by: Melissa Lim