Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up

Type of strategy: CollaborationGroup ManagementMovement

Use to mix people into groups, help stretch and move. Also use to review content or collaboration.


  1. Walk 10-15 steps (to get blood out of feet and seat this is the number of steps needed to get blood and oxygen to the brain).
  2. Head up with a smile (the brain does not know a real smile/laugh from a fake one, this boosts serotonin and mood).
  3. Eye Contact (if this makes you uncomfortable look at the top of peoples, heads).
  4. Partner shoulder to shoulder (this is less threatening than face to face).
  5. Pick a characteristic so they know who goes first.  Some examples, Person who ….
    1. “lives closest to this town goes first”
    2. “has had Mexican food most recently”
  6. Have them share content, introduce selves, reflect on learning.  It is helpful to have a timer, having each person share for a limited time and then switching to ensure no dominators and that all are learning.

NOTE: When you need groups of four have Partners Pair Up.  Partners put hands up and find another group of two.
ALTERNATIVE: Put Hand Up with your choice of number of fingers and find someone with the same number of fingers up.


Submitted by: Jennifer Arns