Song Babble

Type of strategy: GamesHumor and CelebrationMovement

Build group inclusion and have a hilarious time.


Prepare a small slip of paper for each participant.  Depending on the number of groups that the community will divide into, select names of that many songs.  Examples:  YMCA,    Celebration,    Wildfire,    Dancing Queen, etc.

Type the name of a song on each slip so that the participants in the "YMCA" group all have slips labeled "YMCA" and the participants in the "Celebration" group all have slips marked "Celebration."

If you are assigning participants to a specific group, write the name of that participant on one side of the slip and the name of the song on the other side.

Before distributing the slips, tell the group that they are not to let anyone else know what song is on their slips.

Have the group circulate, humming and singing their song.

When all the participants with the same songs find each other, have the group sit together and discuss and reflect.



  • Songs that have dance moves (Hokey Pokey, Cha Cha Slide, Electric Slide)
  • Animal Sounds
  • Web 2.0 pictures
  • Social Medias


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Submitted by: Kim Buchanan