Type of strategy: Assessment

After posing choices to students ask them to choose by snapping and stomping. By Laura Nickerson and Gerten Rich Dwyer



Have students practice stomping 1 foot twice on the count of 3

practice snapping twice on the count of 3

Post and discuss how they will discuss their answers/opinions.

If you and your partner did the same thing - then discuss why you made that choice

If you and your partner did something different - then share why you think your answer is correct and theirs incorrect.

In Teaching

Cue class to upcoming strategies by saying "snap/stomp"

Give them a snap choice and a stomp choice.

Count to 3.

Assess students feedback and prompt into discussion questions.

Option to question students responses.

This strategy will quickly give you classroom feedback.  Require students to pay attention and help identify misconceptions.  Your lower level students will enjoy the movement and giving their opinion in a new way.



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Submitted by: Jennifer Arns