Sincere or Sarcastic

Type of strategy: Brainstorming and DiscussionEnergizers and State ChangersRole-Play, Drama, Charades

Role playing how sincerity and sarcasm influence communication


  • Have participants form groups of two.
  • Groups identify a speaker, and a listener.
  • Speakers read items 1-8 from below in a sarcastic tone.
  • Listeners provide reflection on the impact of that tone.
  • Speakers then become the listeners.
  • Speakers read items 9-16 from below in a sarcastic tone.
  • Listener provides reflection on the impact of that tone.
  • Repeat the same process practicing a sincere tone.
  1. Some outfit!
  2. I can help you
  3. I'll lend you twenty dollars.
  4. She's gorgeous!
  5. You can't be serious.
  6. She's so nice.
  7. That's some hair-cut!
  8. You've sure lost weight.
  9. I'm telling the truth.
  10. His child is well behaved.
  11. I love your idea.
  12. You look like my sister!
  13. Let's do lunch.
  14. Did you cook this yourself?
  15. Would you like another cookie?
  16. She's the best player.


Submitted by: Jennifer Arns