Show Us Your Moves

Type of strategy: MovementMusic, Rhythm, Rhyme, and RapOpeners & Get to Know You

Learning styles: ES: Extraversion and Sensing

Participants take turns showing their best dance moves to introduce themselves to the group.


This activity gets participants out of  their seats and moving to dance music played by the presenter.

  1. Presenter chooses music to play that is uplifting and fun (i.e. dance music)
  2. While the music plays, the presenter goes first by showing the group his/her favorite dance move.
  3. The participants copy the dance move until the leader calls on a new person
  4. To call on a new person, the presenter calls out, " (person's name) show us your moves!
  5. Presenter and participants copy the new dance move
  6. Dance continues until everyone has had the opportunity to show their moves


  • Provide a safe environment for participants to feel comfortable taking the risk of dancing
  • Always allow participants to pass

Submitted by: terribarclay