Shoulder Buddies - Nose Buddies "Three Before Me"

Type of strategy: AssessmentCollaborationGroup ManagementMovementProcessing

Classroom management structure that has students getting help from classmates.


When a student requires assistance... they should first ask their "shoulder buddies" and "nose buddy" for peer help before going to the teacher for help.

This 'oldie but goodie' still has legs. Teaching in a K-6 computer lab with 20+ students at a time can be quite taxing when the questions come fast and furious. The admonition 'Ask Three Before Me' can be a successful strategy on several fronts:

  • the teacher is freed up to work individually with struggling students;
  • the teacher can do more assessment; and,
  • the students asked for help can demonstrate their understanding of the topic.

The student providing the help cannot just take the mouse and do the job, he must actually teach his classmate so the classmate understands the concept or skill.


Three Before Me (shoulder buddies & nose buddies)

Submitted by: Jennifer Arns