Reflection Walk

Type of strategy: MovementWriting and/or Reflection

Use with groups to incorporate movement, socialization, and reflection during training or instruction.


  1. Have participants form small groups.
  2. Explain that groups will be taking a walk together. On their walk, they should share something with the group about the session. You may determine the topic depending on the type of session you are leading. Some examples might be:
  • Share at least one thing you can take back to your classroom/staff tomorrow.
  • Share something new or interesting you learned this morning/afternoon.
  • Discuss how you might use or elaborate on what you have heard here today.
  1. Send them on a walk outside (weather permitting) or throughout a building. Be specific about the return time, and possibly have a song or signal to guide people back to their table groups.
  2. Upon returning to the session, allow 2-3 minutes for individuals to write down items they want to remember from their walk. Depending on your schedule, or the desired outcome, you can extend this by having individuals share with their table groups items they discussed outside of the group during the walk.

Submitted by: Jennifer Arns