Question Cards

Type of strategy: Brainstorming and DiscussionCollaborationWriting and/or Reflection

Have participants play Question Cards and develop questions around a topic or lesson.


Pass out index cards to groups with “What? Who? When? Where? and How? ” written on the cards. Participants “play” their cards by creating questions about the topic. For example, if the focus is on digital storytelling resources, someone might inquire, “What apps would you recommend?”

Another person's query might be, “How would you use that app?” During the activity, participants share and answer the questions they have created during the opener. Question cards facilitate questioning by every participant, not just a select few.  Plus, it’s much more engaging to seek answers to questions participants have developed themselves rather than those from somewhere else.

You can have each participant come up with one question of their choice or questions for each W and the H.


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Submitted by: Melissa Lim