Protecting Personal Information Activity

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How do you get middle school students to understand the importance of protecting passwords? You make the activity fun and you give them candy. :-)


When I teach students about how to be safe on the Internet, one of the things I do is use a password activity that really sinks in with the students.

Step 1--Buy a blow pop for each student in your class and enough dice for one dice per two students.

Step 2--Cut up small slips of paper--enough for 3 slips of paper for each student.

Step 3--Give each student the 3 slips of paper and tell them to write their names on them.  

Step 4--Give each student one blow pop.

Have students partner up.  Each person in the partnership will roll the dice.  The student with the high number on their dice will receive a slip of paper from the other student with that student's name.  That slip of paper represents the losing student's password, now in the hands of another student.  Rotate and continue the process.  The Blow pop represents the students password and all person information--Social Security Number, Bank Account, Etc.

Once a student loses every slip of paper and their blow pop, the cycle stops and discussion begins about sharing passwords and other personal information.  

The students really get into this and really grasp the concept of online security doing this activity.

Words of advice--Make sure you have extra blow pops for the students that lose all their slips of paper and their blow pop.

Submitted by: Tracy Anderson