Poker Reflection Activity

Type of strategy: CollaborationGroup ManagementMovementMusic, Rhythm, Rhyme, and Rap

A closure activity to use to identify concrete learning to take back and implement. Also use to reflect on feeling.



  1. Different colored cards are put on tables for participants.
  2. Participants write a key learning and an action plan on one side of index card.
  3. Participants draw a face showing how they feel about the session, the concepts introduced, or their learning.
  4. Participants place card, with face showing, on forehead and glance around the room at others. Think humor!
  5. Leader dismisses group with music (I Feel Good) after giving directions to find a partner, and share what is on your card – a commitment to take something back and their feelings.
  6. Participants are asked to move around room for duration of song, “I Feel Good!” sharing their key learning and feelings.

Submitted by: Darren Hudgins