PictoVocab Review

Type of strategy: AssessmentBrainstorming and DiscussionDrawing and ArtworkClosings and Wrap UpCollaborationGamesMovement

Learning styles: ES: Extraversion and Sensing

Each student has a mini whiteboard, marker, and eraser (I use socks). I divide the class into two teams and have one player from each team come to the front of the room. Teams work on vocab review and spelling, which can be tough in science. There is no shouting and everyone is engaged.


The two players stand back-to-back ready to draw. I show them a unit vocab word and tell them when they can start drawing. The team members watch their player as they draw. If they know the answer they write down the vocab word (correct spelling) and flash their board at the judge or teacher. The first person to show the correct answer gets a point for their team. Then, two new drawers from each team come to the front for a new vocab word and chance to draw.

Submitted by: McKael Kenfield