Personality Types People Bingo

Type of strategy: GamesMetaphors, Analogies, and SimilesMovementOpeners & Get to Know You

Learning styles: EN: Extraversion and IntuitionES: Extraversion and Sensing

Help participants get to know their colleagues. The additional purpose of this activity is to allow participants to start learning about MBTI® personality types and learning styles. Specifically, the characteristics of the IS, ES, IN and EN (combinations of energy orientation and perception and learning) are reflected in the People Bingo game. Importantly, not all characteristics are represented and there may be some overlap.


Object of the game: Identify five people who match the personality types. First person to get five across, down or diagonal, wins.

Steps: Walk around the room and ask an individual if they meet one (only one) of the personality type (IS, ES, IN, EN). Keep moving around and asking questions to find more people who meet the characteristics. Feel free to use your creativity to ask questions (e.g., use the images and text to ignite your imagination). Once you find a match, write their name in the square. Keep moving around the room, identifying personality types, until someone wins.

Purpose: Get to know your colleagues and learn more about different learning styles.

Note: This activity can be modified to serve as a grouping activity in order to group people by their personality types (IS, ES, IN, EN).

Introverts can opt to work on their own (e.g., do more research on personality types) or mingle with those they know while the extroverts move around the room and ask questions.


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Submitted by: Sindie Kennedy