Paper Sculpture

Type of strategy: Brainstorming and DiscussionDrawing and ArtworkCollaborationMetaphors, Analogies, and SimilesProcessing

Intended Audience: StudentsTeachers

Learning styles: EN: Extraversion and IntuitionES: Extraversion and SensingIN: Introversion and IntuitionIS: Introversion and Sensing

An object lesson used to elicit communication about team work and learning.


Materials: 3"x 5" index card for each person, and one 3"x 5" index card created into an art sculpture for each team of four to six learners.


  1. Have a team member come and get a pre-made paper sculpture.  Instruct them to tell their team how to create this without touching.  
  2. Give a minute or so of uncomfortable wait time, and then say team leaders can touch it.  Now teach your team.
  3. After a couple minutes or more, have any team member touch it, and create their own.



  • Talk about how does art sculpting relate to [a topic you are teaching or dealing with].  Good generic topics are communication, coaching, teaching.

Submitted by: Jennifer Arns