Paired Reading

Type of strategy: Brainstorming and DiscussionCollaborationGroup ManagementProcessing

Use to change mental activity in groups and when deep comprehension is required of some written text. Paired reading requires checks for comprehension at every point along the way, thus providing an effective way to ensure comprehension.


  1. Provide participants with a brief written text, usually not more than 2 pages.
  2. Ask pairs to designate one of them as “A” and one of them as “B.”
  3. Give instructions. A is to read the first paragraph or section aloud. At the completion, B will provide a summary paraphrase. B will read the second paragraph or section aloud, and A will provide a summary paraphrase. In like manner, the pair continues until the end of the document. When they reach the end of the document, they both take pencils and mark the words, phrases, or concepts that carry the most meaning for them.
  4. Check for understanding of process and signal people to start.

NOTE: Because some people may be apprehensive about reading aloud, invite them to negotiate with their partners to read along silently. Encourage them to accommodate whatever style or learning needs they have.

Submitted by: Jennifer Arns