Online Jigsaw Activity

Type of strategy: Brainstorming and DiscussionCollaborationProcessing

Use when there are multiple articles that you want to expose participants to but have a limited amount of time.


  1. Divide participants into groups using any grouping strategy that is appropriate for your content
  2. Pose a set of questions for each group to respond to; these should be posted online and participants should have the ability to comment. NOTE: One question should be to summarize the key points of the article.
  3. Assign an article to each group to read; participants should silently read the article and think about the questions that have been posed.
  4. Group members discuss and formulate a response to each question and post these responses as an online comment 
  5. Provide time for groups to read the summaries and question responses of the other groups




Submitted by: L Lary