Like Me

Type of strategy: Openers & Get to Know You

Use with large groups and stranger groups to help members answer the question, “Who am I in relation to this group?”


  1. Ask members to push chairs away from tables so that it will be easy to stand if they want to do so.
  2. State that the purpose of this activity is to find out who is in the room and what resources are within the group.
  3. Instruct that you will be announcing some categories. Members who recognize themselves within a category should stand and look around at others who are standing. In this way they can identify persons who are like themselves in some way.
  4. Announce categories. Pause until people have stood and surveyed the room. Insert some humorous categories.

NOTE: Be sure to include the category “other” before you are done. Otherwise some persons may feel excluded. Examples might include: roles, levels of teaching, typically up before 6 AM, length of time in district, has more than one child in school, had breakfast this morning, has a public or private passion for chocolate.

Submitted by: Jennifer Arns