Living Likert

Type of strategy: AssessmentGroup ManagementMovementProcessingVisual Organizers

This strategy requires participants to rate how much they agree or disagree with a statement provided by the presenter and also requires participants to move.


1. Explain that a likert scale is primarily used in questionnaries to obtain participant's preferences or degree of agreement with a statement or set of statements.

2. Identify one end of the room to be "strongly agree" and the opposite end of the room to be "strongly disagree".

3. Tell participants that they will create a 'living likert' by moving to the appropriate position in the room on the scale to show their agreement or disagreement with a statement you will present.

4. Say and display the statement. Give the signal "go" to have people move, creating the living likert.

5. Call on individuals to explain/defend their postion on the scale.

6. Debrief the process.

Submitted by: Linda Vanderford