Type of strategy: Collaboration

Practice listening to enhance communication and bonding.  A great way to change the state of a stilted group or relationship.


Partners sit back to back.  Provide the attached handout.

  • Both partners may write and fill in the handout.  When finished,
  • Partner A (communicator) reads their answer to each of the seven questions to Partner B (listener).  For example, " When I first meet someone I… shake their hand."
  • Partner B listens (no writing, just listening).
  • Partner A continues to tell/read all seven of their answers.
  • When finished, Partner A reads the sentence starter from any of the seven questions (order does not matter), "When I first meet someone I…"  Partner B needs to restate what they heard Partner A say.  
  • Complete this until Partner B restates all seven.
  • Repeat the activitiy switching rolls.

Debrief the activity.  If communication and listening is poor, follow up with more listening activities and practice.


Submitted by: Jennifer Arns