Jeopardy Labs- easy game-show 2.0 service

Type of strategy: AssessmentClosings and Wrap UpGamesHumor and Celebration

Learning styles: EN: Extraversion and Intuition

Jeopardy lab allows you to construct a self-scoring Jeopardy game much more easily than using a Power Point template. Jeopardy is a fun way to review material with a group. Jeopardy also makes a great culminating activity.





Browse for exisiting games, or create your own questions on the free site.  No account registrtion is neccessary. You will have your game up and running in less than 15 minutes. Your game is stored in the cloud, so you will never misplace it.

Break your group into teams to play the game.  You can have teams vie to be the first responders, or just have teams take turns answering questions and accruing points.

In the computer lab, I have used Jeopardy as a way to teach students how to perform searches.  Students can Google the questions and the first team to find the correct answer wins the points. 

Using an electronic response system of some sort really helps determine which team is indeed responding fastest.  I use the low-tech (cheap!) Eggspert gadget, but you could also use your clickers.  On-line options for quick response indicators: Poll Everywhere, or   Socrative.

Submitted by: Michele Nokleby