iPAD Shuffle

Type of strategy: AssessmentBrainstorming and DiscussionClosings and Wrap UpCollaborationWriting and/or Reflection

The new think-pair-share model


Create and shuffle your iPADS for grading/critique/review/feedback on student work.

*Great for limited iPADS in the classroom

I have a set of 30 ipads for my classroom and have class sizes of 36+, so I have to do things a bit different at times. I call it the ipad shuffle! I get the students into small groups and have them open the same app or website (examples: smore flyers, class baiboard app, class prezi, etc.). A timer is set and the students start creating! They exchange ipads/shuffle within their group, when the timer dings the next student continues creating, adding, reviewing, etc. until the activity ends or the project is completed. This is fast paced and is exciting for the students.

When each groups' project is completed we do an "ipad shuffle" with another group or class for a critique! It is a way of sharing projects with other students and classes. I like to have them add a 3-2-1 video reflection using the ipad (3 glows-2 grows-1 question)  that responds to the other groups' project. You can "ipad shuffle" as many times as you want!

Submitted by: McKael Kenfield