Icon Partner / Icon Group

Type of strategy: CollaborationMovementOpeners & Get to Know You

 This is a variation of pairing up with a partner, then having each two person pair up with another two person group creating four person groups.


  • This activity works best with at least 24 people in the group, and might be hard with more than 44 people in the group
  • Print Icon Partner activity sheet attached in this activity.  There are enough for 44 people, and if you have more than that you'll need to create the additional icons and words.
  • Randomly distribute each icon or word to all participants.  Each participant should end up with only one word or one icon.
  • Be sure to distribute the icons and words to keep in groups of four, or as an icon group.  For instance, one icon group could be "shopping" if you contain ebay and amazon, or another one could be "music" if you contain pandora and itunes.
  • At the first prompt, have students find their icon partner.  This would entail each person with an icon to find their corresponding word.  They discuss the first introduction or topic.
  • The second prompt each pair of icons must find their corresponding pair of icons to form an icon group.  For instance the Picassa partners would be searching for the Flickr partners.  However, at the beginning of the search they won't know who they are looking for, and in the end they'll all figure it out.
  • If you add a set of Icon partners, you need to add two sets and form a group, making sure the new group is distinctive enough to remain separate from the rest of the groups.


PDF icon icons_partner_activity.pdf

Submitted by: Joe Buglione