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Type of strategy: Group ManagementMovement

Learning styles: IS: Introversion and Sensing

This is a low stress way to group students.


Requires two decks of playing cards.

Set up: Suit cards with like numbers (7 of diamonds with a 7 of diamonds) from the two decks of cards.

Option #1: Shuffle matched cards together making sure there is an even number of cards for the class size. Hand participants a card as they enter the classroom informing them to find their perfect match.

Option #2: Using a single deck of cards adjust the deck to reflect the class size (24 students 24 cards make sure there are 4 like cards ex: 4 Aces, 4 Kings, 4 Queens, etc). You can have the participants shuffle and split the deck if desired. Everybody selects a single card and then group up with three other students with like numbers.

  • Participants have a place to sit in the classroom with random pairing in a low stress environment and avoiding too many surprises for your introverted students.


Using Cards to Pair People

Submitted by: Melvin Smith