Hole in Space

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Challenge: Each group member must pass through a hole in space.


Group Size: 10 – 20
Age Range: high school – adult
Intensity: Mental=2, Physical=3
Time: 20 – 30 minutes (without debrief)
Space: Minimal – Medium -- Lots
Set Up Time: 60 seconds
Props: two shoestrings

Setup / Preparation

  1. Safety first (see “Safety” section below). Make sure you’re group is ready for a challenging activity requiring lifting teammates. Teach how to lift people safely.
  2. Tie two shoestrings together to form a circle.
  3. Two people hold the circle to create a square that is vertical to the ground. The square’s bottom edge should be approximately 3 to 4 feet off the ground.
  4. Divide the group in half, sending one half to one side of the Hole In Space and the other half to the other side of the Hole In Space.
  5. Have the group pass each person through the hole in space in such a way that each small group ends up on the opposite side of the hole.


  1. No one may touch the shoestrings other than the two people holding the shoestrings. If someone touches the shoestrings apply an appropriate penalty (only that person goes back, everyone goes back, two go back, etc.)
  2. No other equipment or tools may be used to help in the process (no tables, chairs, etc.)
  3. Jumping through or launching someone through the hole is forbidden.



It’s important to teach proper spotting techniques prior to giving the group this challenge. Do not allow participants to hit their head or spine on the ground. This is very important. Do not attempt this activity if your group is not strong enough (physically), mature enough and/or calm enough. Consider attempting this challenge over a soft grassy area; if indoors, over carpet with padding under it.


A high degree of trust is required to complete this challenge. This challenge is best left for a group that is fairly advanced as far as maturity and their ability to safely care for each other.

Debriefing Suggestions

  1. Who in your life lifts you up and helps you out during difficult and challenging times?
  2. Which did you prefer, to lift people or be lifted?


  1. To make things more difficult, allow verbal communication only during the planning phase but not during the execution phase.
  2. Make the hole smaller.

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Submitted by: Jennifer Arns