Type of strategy: Brainstorming and Discussion

Generating Interaction between Schemata and Text* Summarize a passage in a limited number of words. Analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information. Experience multiple exposures to concepts. Interact with groups.


Part 1: Read the information from the links and the information provided to get a better understanding of ________________.  Then summarize the reading in only 25 words. (Or some other word limit.)

Remember that "summarizing" is done by identifying main ideas, eliminating unnecessary details, and restating ideas in your own words. While reading, use underlining, highlighting, note taking, LIST technique, or other strategies to gather the information for your summary. Post your individual summary to the Edmodo assignment.   Part 2: In groups of 2-3, compare your summaries and come up with one final group summary, deciding what is most important to mention. As a group, post a sticky note below with your final summary. Write the names of all members in the group then your final 25 word summary on the post-it.   Read all of the post-it notes and vote for the best summary on the Edmodo poll.

Submitted by: Toni Zikmund