Folded File Folders

Type of strategy: AssessmentProcessingVisual OrganizersWriting and/or Reflection

Use to activate prior knowledge, record new learning, and synthesize information. This is a great pre-reading activity and helps learners keep track of their own learning.


  1. Provide each participant with a piece of 5 ½” x 8 ½” paper. Instruct the group to fold the paper almost in half leaving a tab at the top, creating a mini file folder. On the tab, tell participants to write the topic.
  2. Instruct participants to a) open the file folder and write in the space above the fold what they know about the topic b) on the fold make a prediction about what they expect to learn or a question they think will be answer during the reading or the lesson.
  3. After the reading/lesson tell participants to record below the fold new learning and/or important information. Then on the back of the file folder have participants create a picture or cartoon that reflects the main idea(s) of the lesson or reading.

[Open Folder View]

Topic (prior knowledge on top tab)


Prediction or Question (on the fold)


New Learning

Submitted by: Jennifer Arns