Five W's and a Headline

Type of strategy: Openers & Get to Know You

 Have participants answer questions to who, what, when, why, where, and then create a headline.


  • Give each person a 3x5 notecard
  • One one side of the notecard have them write the 5 W's
    • Who:  who are they with contact information
    • What: what do they teach or do
    • Where: where do they teach
    • When: when did they start teaching
    • Why: why are they teaching, or why are they teaching the subject they teach
  • On the back of the notecard have each participant write a headline
    • The headline should be a short headline that describes some characteristic about themself without using their name
  • Collect the notecards
  • Randomly read a headline to the group and see if the group can determine whom the headline applies.
    • Possibly reveal participants one at a time
    • Possibly have participants keep a list of whom they think each headline applies, and after revealing all headlines then reveal the answers
    • Possibly have participants reveal the 5 W's about themselves


Submitted by: Joe Buglione